30 Days of Kindness for December Challenge!

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If I were to describe the person who I want to be – the person I work towards being – Kind is definitely one of the words that I would use. I think being kind is really important and of course, everyone being that bit kinder to one another would make the world a much better place. 

Now I don’t think I’m going to change the world by doing this challenge, but I hope I can bring a tiny bit of positivity to those around me. 

I’m going to do the http://www.actionforhappiness.org/  December 2017 Happiness Calendar. Every day there’s a challenge to do something kind and spread happiness! After my insistence that Christmas is an amazing time of the year because it brings people together – I’m going to take some positive Action! 

So here’s the Calendar! Day 1 is easy – I’m telling the world about this calendar and I encourage everyone to do this challenge as well =D


Go on, tell me why I'm wrong!