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LILMGOTW – Blockships!

This week we’re taking a look at a great game called Blockships.  I first played a very early version of Blockships at an Insomnia gaming festival, probably over a year ago. I was immediately enthralled by how simple yet completely fun this game. I ran back to my Bring-your-own-computer desk and bought an early access copy...Read More

LILMGOTW – Cook Serve Delicious

Does Cook Serve Delicious belong as a Local Multiplayer Game? Probably not. The multiplayer aspect is limited to two players and is very basic – a shared version of the normal game. However, Cook Serve Delicious is a really great game sooooooooooooooo yeah.  It’s highly addictive for sure. You essentially have a restaurant for which you…Read More

LILMGOTW – Speedrunners

This week game is SpeedRunners.  I mostly like SpeedRunners because I’m good at it (well better than my friends!). Speedrunners is pretty basic, you are running around a looping course, and want to be in the lead – fall too far behind and you get eliminated. The game continues, with the window getting smaller and...Read More

LILMGOTW – Niddhog!

Introducing Lisa’s Indie Local Multiplayer Game of the Week – LILMGOTW for short – catchy right!  This week it’s Niddhog!    Niddhog was one of the games that started my love of quirky indie games. My university LAN party had a tournament concept called ‘Iron-LAN’ where each stage is a different game that is only...Read More