If you’re not careful it’s easy to fall into a rutty routine in life and forget to make plans and realise your dreams. I try to always put that bit of effort in to make sure I’m taking opportunities to do exciting things – events, visit new places etc.

I love making lists so I started a new ‘bucket list’ of things I’d like to challenge myself to get done. I signed up to a bucket list making site and clicked on the list of popularly selected items to get started. This made me realise how so incredibly previledged I have been with the opportunities that have been given to me or that I have worked for throughout my life.

There were a lot of things that I had done that while I was grateful for, I had never considered how impactful and fortunate those experiences were compared to the dreams of a lot of people. Knowing that I had ticked off some of the major top wishlist points from so many people made me feel so grateful and fortunate. It’s sometimes so easy to forget how fortunate we are in all of the things we have in life.

I’ve made sure that my list includes the ‘little things’ too. To give a handmade gift, to write a letter to someone I love, to bring joy and happiness wherever possible 🙂 I think those things are just as important as the big dreams.

The top of my list is to ‘see’ stars. To really see them. A lot of them, somewhere lovely with no light pollution!

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