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Constant Complaining – Just stop it!


I’m part of an organisation that I love and admire so much. I’ve been a member since I was child and it has given me numerous amazing opportunities and experiences. As an adult last year I had the opportunity to join thousands of others in an epic adventure in Iceland – which was simply an amazing experience.

Recently however I’ve been really disappointed in a small but vocal miniority of members who love nothing more than a good moan. Any time the organisation annouces that it has something new, there is an onslaught of negative comments. The most common one at the moment is the complaints about age. The organisation is a youth focused group. The young members are the focus, the volunteers are there to help create a beautiful experience for them. A lot of the time, the organisation will post an opportunity that will be focused on a specific age group – usually under 25 or under 30. Guarenteed the responses will be “why not the older volunteers, are we not worth anything” etc.

When the organisation brought out a entirely new programme, following 5 years of consultation and detailed research and work with the youth members, there was a leader uproar complaining about every facet and component. Often it was contradictory across members too – some say it’s too detailed, some saying it’s not detailed enough. This was all before the programme was actually properly released.

It just feels like people love to complain. They’re doing it in a public forum as well.
I understand that these people are volunteers who pour their time, love and soul into this organisation. However, the constant negativity instead of looking at the bright side is becoming a real drag. It puts me off of attending the events and being part of the community – I feel like the expectation would be sitting around a campfire and complaining about the ‘powers that be’.

Be positive. Be happy. Enjoy life. Make the most of the opportunties you do have instead of rueing after the ones you don’t.

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