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Toxic Families


So the saying goes that blood is thicker than water. A saying that most take to suggest means that our family is most important and we should stick by them no matter what.

In truth the saying means the complete opposite. Blood refers to blood shed on the battlefield and water to the water of the womb. A reminder that friendship through shared time and hardship is more important than, and forms deeper bonds than family.

It seems like a day doesn’t go by where Meghan Meerkle’s biological father isn’t spouting some garbage about how his daughter has forsaken him, and the media suggesting that she is a awful, terrible human being for casting aside her father.

Poor woman. Having provided sperm or even carried and given birth to someone does not guarantee you the eternal right to their life regardless of your own actions. Even the father himself admits he was a less than adaquete father – that the relationship was strained long before Meghan started her path to fame and royalty. Meghan’s father doesn’t deserve to be part of her life – especially given the way he has acted since.

I understand that people respecting their elders is generally a good thing, but if a parent is abusive or negligent we shouldn’t be expected their offspring to still have undulting loyalty to those parents. Would her father be (apparently) trying so hard to be part of her life if she wasn’t now famous and with such connections?

Let’s not forget that Meghan did originally reach out and include him. It was his own actions that meant he chose to step back and put further strain on their relationship. His actions suggest that he cares not about his daughter but more the perks of being connected to her.

So, to the offspring of toxic, abusive parents who have decided that they are better off without contact to said parents – good to you. If a friend was causing us emotional pain, being toxic and less than healthy for us most of us would be quick to move on from them – why should family be any different?

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