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Woman practices yoga

Get bendy with it!


I remember as a child being able to contort my body into impossible shapes and barely breaking a sweat. As a gymanst flexibility was just a given and never something I had to try for.
I gave up gymanstic due to lack of parental support and deciding that skateboarding would be a much cooler hobby to take up.

Now the idea of touching my toes while standing with straight legs is insane. A couple of decades of not stretching, along with the casual back surgery, flexibility is not something I identify with ever having been able to do .

That is soon hopefully about to change. A new yoga studio opened 2 minutes from my flat and I decided it was time to try and take control. It’s a no thrills basic studio, just a room really. Everything is sorted out by app – which is great!

I’ve been to about 6 classes so far. I’ve definitely felt behind the rest of the class who seem able to contort their bodies beautifully into the desired shapes. I’ve already felt improvement though.

My favourite so far has definitely been Yin yoga. This is a super chill form of yoga where you essentially hold a pose for a few minutes, then take a break and then repeat through a series of poses. Its about holding a stretch until your body is comfortable with it – and then pressing a little more.

I really hate plank and down dog though. Definitely my least favourite positions.

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