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London by night

Resting Commuter Face


It’s often said that Londoners are miserable. That we are an anti-social uncaring bunch who never talk to other humans or look anyone in the eye. Except in the board room of course, since we apparently all just sit around in suits in board rooms and argue a lot… and destroy the economy of course.

The truth is, we aren’t miserable. You’re just judging us at our worse – the commute. Twice a day we pack ourselves into sweaty tightly packed metal carriages that hurtle us deep underground. Of course we don’t talk to anyone – we’d be talking to armpits. People might not be happy and smiling but that’s just resting commuter face. We’re probably happy we just don’t feel the need to advertise that to the world.

We’re an amazing bunch we you get to know us. Or when we’re drunk. London has a great vibe and feeling – its a wonderful place full of such a diverse group. Come visit and see for yourself. Just avoid the people clearly on the way to work – if they’ve got a suit, an ID badge, a briefcase etc, combined with Resting Commute Face.

My best advise to tourists is to have a lie in. Enjoy an hour or so extra sleep to avoid the commute crush and enjoy the city when most people are cooped up in their offices.

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