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A Brand New Adventure


For a little over a decade of my life I had a goal, and every day of work was working towards that. I knew what I wanted and that drove me. Then I had the opportunity to have that thing. I’d be a well paid manager in analytics, earning a silly some of money. I even had two offers on the table – my current company in the form of a promotion and a job offer from a new company.

This was it. The moment I had worked for. The role I wanted.

In the end, I choose a third option. An incredibly scary option. To choose something completely new – to change career. A pursuit of true happiness. I realised the thing that I was working towards was more the logic end goal in my choosen career – I hadn’t really thought about whether that career was the right one for me.

I don’t know how my new career choice will go. Whether choosing the significantly lower paid of three jobs – of priortising happiness and trying something new will pay off. I have to try though. Its cliche but it’s always said that we regret more the opportunities that we didn’t take than the ones we did.

I definitely had a good run in my current job. Learnt some interesting things, found out more about myself, met some great people, had some good adventures and felt pride in my work. It wasn’t always plain sailing though, and it was definitely a challenging environment.

Now, to pastures new. Definitely with its own challenges and learning curve. After a decade in data analytics, I’ve felt competent and like I know my stuff (of course, there’s always more to learn – especially with the fast pace of the industry). Now I’ve changed the game and I’m back near the start (though hopefully lots of skills and experience will transfer).

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