London buses are iconic – the red double decker is seen on many a piece of tourist tat. It’s a symbol of London. London buses are my favourite mode of transport. Definitely less reliable and slower than the tube, but they have an open and free feeling about them.

The top deck is where I love to be. Obviously the front top deck seat on the right hand side – above the driver – is the best seat. You get an interesting and unique view of the busy streets. I love to watch the world go by. Watch the people. Watch the insane traffic that plagues central London.

Riding on the bus is so much fun that I am planning on taking my niece on a bus to explore the city. For no reason. No destination – just touring the city.

I’m very excited to be sharing the city with someone I love. She may be just 6 years old, but I’m hoping she’ll love the place as much as I do. At 6 I’m not expecting her to appreciate the history and vastness, but hopefully she’ll enjoy the huge array of things to do and see.

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