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Sunset at Staple Tor

Rather British – The Weather


Ah, Blighty. It’s often said that the two favourite things of the british are talking about the weather and queueing. It’s definitely true. Although we don’t love queueing – we just have a sense of fairness and need for order in our queues. Skipping the line is not welcome. In true British sense I’m going to remark on the weather.

Our tiny island was bathed in sunlight, a heat wave that hasn’t been seen in decades. We at first basked in the joy of sun and heat but that quickly descended into an overheated miserableness when we remembered that we just aren’t equipped to deal with such heat. We are not a place of extremes – our climate is meant to be temperate – not too hot, not too cold and with loads of rain thrown in.

The heat has now vanished and is replaced with a much more British summer vibe – heavy rains and an altogether grey miserable sky. Weirdly we aren’t set up for the rain either – our drainage gets quickly over capacity and our roads become hazards ready for cars to splash water at unsuspecting pedestrians.

Still, I feel as much as we love to complain about the weather – we Brits also just love our crazy little island and its weird weather patterns. We’ll be out in the parks enjoying the weather, and huddled in pubs feeling british when it rains. The weather might be miserable, but we’re not.

soil and grass during drought cracks in the land of drought
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