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A Fresh Start


It’s strange – 8 months since last blogging, I finally got the energy and passion to get back online and get things in order. When I logged in, one of the things I found was a draft post called ’53 days later’ where I was explaining how mentally exhausted I was, how I was neglecting my mental health. 

It’s been a journey since then, and I’ve taken the time to look within (and listen to some great advice) and think about what will make me happy. I’ve left the job that was causing me so much stress, and am about to embark on a new adventure that I believe will bring me a lot of happiness. 

The sites been updated a bit for a more cleaner looker and I’m ready for the fresh new start where I focus on happiness and positive thoughts.

The Post – 53 Days – 

It’s been 53 days since I had the energy or desire to load up wumga.com’s admin interface and type out whatever jibberish came to my mind and post it on the blog. The truth is that I’ve let my working life overtake my whole life in a way that has left me feeling too mentally tired to do anything more challenging than watching Netflix. 

It is certainly not good for mental health in general. Work life balance has definitely not been achieved. 

I’ve been snappy with my partner. I’ve been low on energy and unenthusiastic about seeing friends. I’ve felt too drained to do much in evenings. 

Christmas was a lovely break but even then I was fretting about scripts that needed to be written and ran. There was a constant nagging feeling of guilt and the feeling of burden about my work. 
I don’t think that I have depression – I just think that I’ve been neglecting my mental health. Work is always going to be demanding 

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  • It isn’t a disaster if you cannot write and post anything for a while: different things can happen. It is supposed that almost everybody is depressed and has anxiety and other common issues. Clinically significant depression is terrible and it is recognizable right away, such person has lost any interest in anything, including food and the way they look.
    Burnout syndrome is probably the most widespread condition: symptoms can manifest similarly to depression and even as pain, extreme tiredness because it is exhaustion.
    If you work too much you should seriously think about having off time. If it is impossible to have a day off, we need silence, being away from devices, being with ourselves, having a relaxing bath, walk or massage, or whatever makes you feel better at least a few hours a day.
    Life is too busy, and sometimes it just seems we get done a lot. Upset mood and feeling guilty are things that everybody experiences.

    • August 22, 2018 at 6:04 pm

      Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful words and brilliant advice 🙂


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