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Scout Moot Iceland 2017


In just 24 days I’ll be proudly stood at Heathrow airport in my Girl Guiding uniform with my international neckerchief – along with hundreds of young adults and volunteers. We’ll be making our way to Iceland to take part in the International Scout Moot 2017.  

Moot is a gathering of Scouts and Guides from all of the world. They come together to have a unique set of experiences and challenges. There are physical adventures like hiking and climbing, as well as cultural and educational experiences. I am so excited to get to be part of something like this. Girl Guiding has provided me with fantastic experiences throughout my life, and I can not wait for this adventure too. 

I’ll be part of the International Service Team. We are a group of people older than the participants who will be there to help make the event run – providing support and services. As International Service Team, it’s definitely not going to be a holiday. Volunteers are expected and required to work hard to make the event a great success for the participants. There is always a real sense of team bonding and camaraderie at these events, with everyone pulling together to ‘make it happen’.

It’s definitely not going to be all work though. I’ll also be getting the opportunity to visit the Blue Lagoon, go on a horse back Lava ride and do the Golden Circle tour. Not to mention travelling around the country and visit different sites! 


The theme of the moot is Change.  There are so many ways to think about change – 

  • Dealing with changes you decide to make (such as moving home) 
  • Dealing with changes that are forced upon you (such as losing a job)
  • Influencing others to change (such as for them to be more environment)
  • Making a change easier for others to deal with (such as requiring staff to do things differently

For some people, the idea of change is a negative thing and for some people change is a hugely exciting and positive thing.


Overall, I’m so excited to be attending Moot – and so grateful to Girl Guiding UK and The Scout Association for these amazing opportunities. I can’t wait to meet so many new people all coming together for a common cause. 

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