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Kindness Challenge – Homemade Gifts & Little Notes!


The Kindness Challenge continues! 

Day 2 was to create handmade gifts. I loved this challenge because it made me think about what my loved ones would appreciate and enjoy – and also made me think about what I can actually create! I’m really pleased with what I made. Unfortunately, I can’t share the secret because I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the recipients! I can’t wait for Christmas day though! I wouldn’t have had the idea to make the things I have without this challenge, so I’m super pleased with the inspiration. 

I’ve also ordered some new fabric and super cute patterns that I’m going to sew as Christmas presents for people =D Can’t wait to get back into sewing. It’s so much fun choosing fabric that I think people will love!

Day 3 was to leave little notes. This is something I try to do throughout the year. I started by leaving my lovely airbnb host a little note to say thank you for welcoming me into her beautiful home. And there are a few more little notes hidden around for lovely people to find 😉 


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