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Christmas decorations

I’m so over people complaining about Christmas in November!


I haven’t seen any posts or social media content celebrating Christmas in November – but I have seen dozens of posts complaining about people celebrating Christmas in November.  I’m so over these November bah-humbuggers. 

As a society, we don’t have a huge amount of things that draw us all together. We don’t have huge amounts that draws us out of the monotonous drone of everyday life. Christmas is the exception to that. Winter (especially in England) is dreary and gray. There’s little natural light. Everything is just generally depressing. Having that cheered up a bit by the sparkling Christmas street lights and Christmas cheer is great. Christmas is the one time of year where most people take time off and really unwind. It feels like the one time of year where you can take annual and time off – without coming back to a barrage of emails and catching up to do. 

I’m definitely not one of these sparkly Christmas angels who live for Christmas, starting to plan and looking forward to the next one from December 26th. I enjoy Christmas but I’m not crazy fanatical about it – I think I have about the average amount of Christmas cheer. I’m not even bothering to decorate my flat this year. However, I don’t hate on people who are simply just enjoying themselves. 

I’ve got a lot to look forward to this celebration season. Lots of Christmas parties both with work and friends. Christmas day will be spent with my sister’s family, most notably her adorable 5-year-old daughter who’s beliefe and love of the Christmas magic will bring a smile to anyone. 


Basically, life can be shitty so Christmas is amazing. 

We should take the offices Scrouges and Grinches and put them in their own grumpy-christmas-free building where they can spread their message of discontent and grumpynes, leaving the rest of us to enjoy ourselves. 

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