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I went to Disney!


I had never really particularly cared for Disney. I don’t think I even particularly wanted to go to Disneyworld as a child.  I watched the classics as a kid but Disney had never really resonated with me in that way that it seemed to other people (my family seemed more into Studio Ghibli!)

When the opportunity came up to go on a 2 week holiday to Disneyworld Orlando with my sister’s family – I was excited, but mainly because it was a 2 week holiday somewhere sunny. The Disney aspect wasn’t something I knew a lot about nor was particularly excited about. My adorable 5-year-old niece was of course insanely excited.

My sister was the primary organiser of the holiday and really went for it full force! She did months and months of non-stop research, booking, planning and generally being all around amazing. She could seriously have a career in Disney holiday planning! We seriously can not thank her enough for how much time and effort she put into making the holiday a great success. 

After my 2 weeks in Disney, I can now say that I’m a full Disney convert – I never knew that there was a ‘Magic of Disney’ thing – but now I believe in it 100%! I think most of the enjoyment came from seeing how happy my niece was with the entire experience and spending so much genuinely happy time with people I love a lot. It also helped that my amazingly Disney genius sister had managed to book us FastPass+ tickets for everything we wanted to go on. I don’t think we ever queued for more than 20 minutes for anything but managed to cram a whole lot into the park! 

Disney was surreal, I still remember that first day walking into the Magic Kingdom (after needing a million methods of transport to get there) and seeing all of the amazing attention to detail in every single thing, and then clocking Cinderella’s Castle as you turn on to Main Street. It’s breathtaking and magical. I’ve always loved theme parks – and Disney is themed to the max. Every single little thing is just spot on. 

The staff at Disney were amazing. Being British I had always been a tad cynical about the over the top American customer service approach. However, all of the staff we encountered seemed amazing and genuine and just epic. 

My favourite experience was with Kate! Someone who made such an impression on us – and someone whose photo’s is definitely going to be up on the family wall for quite some time!  We were heading out of Hollywood Studios quite late at night after our park dinner experience, and two photographers were goofing around. As the park was pretty empty we decided it’d be great to get a nighttime shot of us. Kate ended up being one of the funniest and kindest people (even by Disney standards!). She ended up doing an incredibly fun and lengthy photo shoot with my niece, who thought that Kate was basically the best person in the universe (which she was!). Kate sat there for a good 15 minutes making funny faces and blowing raspberries – creating some of the most beautiful, natural and happiest photos of my niece that I’ve ever seen. Like I said – these are definitely getting printed on to canvas and taking pride of place on the wall. Thank you, Kate, you were incredible!  

Overall, Disney was amazing! Disney Magic is real yo! 



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