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LILMGOTW – Space Team!


This week we’re jumping briefly off our PCs and steam and onto our phones to take a look at Space Team

I recently made a few of my friends play Space Team together when we were having a quiet drunken evening in. It’s a real test of friendship and character. I think they had fun. 

Like every game I talk about, the concept of Space Team is very simple. You and your team mates are “skilled and experienced” co-pilots on a Spaceship – each of you with access to a varying panel of very important space tools. You each receive instructions on what needs to happen – which switch needs to be flipped, which dial needs to be turned or button pressed. Those instructions could be for any player – so you have to communicate together to make sure everything gets done and saves your ship from otherwise certain death. Of course, everyone is receiving instructions at the same time so things can get very chaotic. 

That actually sounds like a very dry and sensible description for a game that is in fact completely silly and amazingly fun. There ends up being a lot of shouting, frustration and confusion before you ultimately blow up. Great stuff. 

I love the humour in this game. All of the things you need to do are insane – although discovering these is a brilliant part of the game itself so I’m not going to spoil any ;0)

There’s also a card game version. Which unfortunately seems permanently sold out. One of my friends has a copy though and I can highly recommend it – it’s brilliant fun and just as silly and chaotic as the mobile game.

Ease of play – 4/5. The concept is very easy to pick up. Anyone can pick up the game an start playing very quickly – they might not be very good but they’ll be playing!
Graphics – 3/5. It’s not the most attractive game but it does the job. 
Social Aspect – 5/5. This game is fabulous for a really involved and social game. Everyone needs to be very active else the team will quickly fail. 
Story Line – 5/5. Your on a ship, a star has imploded, you need to outrun – great stuff.
Value – 5/5. It’s a completely free game. You can opt to pay something like £0.99 to get a few cosmetic things – like a cat.
Reliability – 4/5. You can play across Android and IOS which is great. The game will sometimes drop you all from the room at the end of a game. But generally the playing over the same wifi or bluetooth is really effective.

Overall – LGS – 5/5. This is a really great game.  I really recommend it. 

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