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LILMGOTW – Blockships!


This week we’re taking a look at a great game called Blockships
I first played a very early version of Blockships at an Insomnia gaming festival, probably over a year ago. I was immediately enthralled by how simple yet completely fun this game. I ran back to my Bring-your-own-computer desk and bought an early access copy on Steam.

The premise of the game is very simple. You start with a ‘core’ in your colour and collect other blocks by simply pushing yourself into them. There are thrusters that make you go faster, guns that will shoot in one direction and energy blocks that power the entire thing. By grabbing the best stuff first and building the best ship you can smash down your opponents. 

One of my favourite things about this game is the pace. The actual game isn’t insanely fast paced, but several mechanics mean that you’re never left waiting too long for the next game. It’s short and sharp but fantastically competitive. It’s a game that can lend itself both to drunken madness and sober seriousness. 

I actually had the pleasure of meeting the developer at the most recent Insomnia Gaming Festival. He’s insanely lovely and enthusiastic about the game. The game is still in early access, and from the sounds of it, he has some really great plans for taking this game and adding more depth and expanding the game play. 

I had written my review and scores before meeting him, so it’s all good =D 

Scores – 

Ease of play – 5/5. Very simple concept and the ‘tutorial’ is the waiting screen. Very easy for anyone to play.
Graphics – 4/5. The blocks are simple but the style really works overall. 
Social Aspect – 3/5. Mostly bants and a lot of tense play. It’s good – and definitely a lively game, but you seem more like to make enemies than improving your friendships.
Story Line – NA. If there is a backstory, I’ve missed it – you’re just a ship, you wanna kill other ships. 
Value – 4/5. The game is definitely worth it – it’s great in its current form and can only get better! 
Reliability – 5/5. Never had an issue– handles dual screen / 4k screen very well and works well with multiple controllers attached.

Overall – LGS – 5/5.One of my favourite Local Multiplayer games. A great intro game to get everyone involved. Simple but fun game play. 




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