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LILMGOTW – Cook Serve Delicious


Does Cook Serve Delicious belong as a Local Multiplayer Game? Probably not. The multiplayer aspect is limited to two players and is very basic – a shared version of the normal game. However, Cook Serve Delicious is a really great game sooooooooooooooo yeah. 

It’s highly addictive for sure. You essentially have a restaurant for which you pick menu options and purchase equipment. Then you play a ‘day’ – customers will enter and their order will pop up against a number. Select that order and ‘cook’ what they want by pressing the corresponding keyboard keys in the right order / right amount of time. Then do this repeatedly, for many customers and many orders. 

This game is stressful. It’s repetitive. It’s great fun. 

The story mode has great progression and takes a long time to get through. There’s a lot of variety with the menu options. There are ‘challenge’ game modes that you unlock as you progress. These are fun and a nice break from the standard play while earning you more £££ for buying things with. There are weekly challenges where you get to pit yourself against other players around the world by attempting to get the best time. 

You’ll find yourself oddly pleased to earn a perfect day in the game! 


Ease of play – 4/5. The game is easy to pick up, difficult to master – perfect!
Graphics – 4/5. They are pretty basic but it’s a nice style. 
Social Aspect – 3/5. I actually really enjoy the team work mode of the game. It’s fun and great team bonding. As covered though, it’s not really a Local Multiplayer like the rest of the games covered.
Story Line – 4/5. You start in an ugly store, you progress to a nicer one – with extra challenges along the side. There are a lot of extras – like the building related spam in your email inbox – that make this quite nice. 
Value – 4/5. The game can be picked up pretty cheaply these days. It’s worth it.
Reliability – 5/5. Never had an issue. 

Overall – LGS – 4/5. The game is great fun, highly addictive and interesting. 

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