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LILMGOTW – Genital Jousting


This week – we take a look at a game that probably puts this blog firmly in the NSFW category – Genital Jousting. 

If we overlook the penis aspect of this game for just a moment, it’s a lot of fun for Local Multiplayer. It works great on the one shared screen. The controls are simple and fun. The modes are chaotic and varied. 

But yeah, you play as a penis and often you’re trying to put that penis into the butthole of another player. A lot of people are pretty horrified at this concept. But the cartoon nature means it’s not actually graphic at all. The game even asks for ‘consent’. 

There isn’t really a huge amount to say about this game. It’s fun. It has an interesting squeamish factor with the whole genital thing. 

Ease of play – 5/5. The controls are super easy to pick up and the game modes are super simple 
Graphics – 3/5. Yeah. It’s cartoon penis. The skins are nice haha.
Social Aspect – 5/5. Lots of banter and competitive play. Lots of penis haha aspect.
Story Line – NA/5. Thankfully the game doesn’t explain itself.
Value – 5/5. At £3.99 and often on sale, this game is great value. 
Reliability – 5/5. Works well with many resolutions and screen set ups. 

Overall – LILMGS – 4/5. The game is great fun. 



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