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LILMGOTW – Mount Your Friends


This week, it’s time to get intimate and mount your friends

Somehow this game manages to be saner than its name. Rather than being some odd sex game, this is a perfectly sensible game where you try to reach the sky by climbing on your friends to form a human chain – all while balancing from a goat of course.

Similar to something like Surgery Simulator or QWOP,  the hilariously awkward controls are what makes this game. Each button on your controller represents a different limb and you have to awkwardly clamber your way to where you want. 

The elephant in the room is definitely that crotch area. The helicopter-dick in a tight looking thong doesn’t seem physically realistic – but somehow, it just works for this game. 

This game is a lot of fun for groups. As play is in turns instead of simultaneous the game will let you share controllers and pass around – ideal for when you have large groups and not many controllers. 


Ease of play – 5/5. The controls are awkward and horrible – just the way they are meant to be! 
Graphics – 4/5. Basic and clean. Nice style – dodgy crotch ! 
Social Aspect – 5/5. Lots of banter and competitive play. Can be frustrating when there’s a skill mismatch.
Story Line – NA/5. Doesn’t really have one, nor any obvious explanation of what’s going on – and that’s okay.
Value – 5/5. At £3.99 and often on sale, this game is great value. 
Reliability – 5/5. Works well with many resolutions and screen set ups. 

Overall – LILMGS – 4/5. Game is great fun. It gets pretty samey quite quickly but it’s a great game to get out and play. 


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