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LILMGOTW – Speedrunners


This week game is SpeedRunners

I mostly like SpeedRunners because I’m good at it (well better than my friends!). Speedrunners is pretty basic, you are running around a looping course, and want to be in the lead – fall too far behind and you get eliminated. The game continues, with the window getting smaller and smaller until only one person survives. 

If you just go into the standard quick play local multiplayer, you end up looping the same three courses – there are more in the menu once you’re comfortable and ready for another challenge. The controls are nice and responsive. Game play is quick and frantic. There’s a nice pace and the game is fairly easy to pick up. Although, if you’re new and playing against experienced players, you might find that you’re struggling a bit but quickly get eliminated so don’t have much time to learn. 

It doesn’t feel like there’s a huge amount to say about this game. It’s fun and easy to play. It’s got a great local multiplayer design. People get quite competitive and there’s a lot of banter and witty chats. 


Ease of play – 4/5. The controls and responsive and pretty easy to pick up. 
Graphics – 4/5. The graphics are basic like most indie games but the style is cool and fits the game.
Social Aspect – 4/5. Lots of banter and competitive play. Can be frustrating when there’s a skill mismatch.
Story Line – 2/5. I don’t think it has one – if it does, it’s not very well displayed.
Value – 2/5. Again, a game that at full price doesn’t seem worth it £10.99 seems steep. Worth it in the Steam Sale though! 
Reliability – 1/5. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t cope well with a lot of situations. Mostly my 4k screen or dual screens, or just screens in general. It’s uncomfortable at most resolutions. It also has a lot of general crashes and often will just refuse to open. Bad times.

Overall – LILMGS – 4/5. Despite not being the most reliable game, it’s a lot of fun and works well. 

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