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LILMGOTW – Viscera Cleanup Detail


What. The. Hell. Is. This. Game. And. Why. Can’t. I. Stop. Playing.

This week is the insanely bizarre Viscera Cleanup Detail.

I think I got this game in a Humble Bundle or similar. I can’t even remember. It was just in my steam library one day and I decided to give it a go. It’s insane. The premise is that you are on a cleanup crew. Your job is to clean up various locations where horrific incidents have occurred. I think it’s something about aliens. There’s blood, guts and general gore everywhere. And body parts. Your job is to clean it up – presumably so that the workers the next day don’t get some kind of insane PTSD.

This game is strange, the controls are whack and I’ve pretty much never been able to read what it says on the in game screens. However, it’s crazily weirdly addictive. I’m not sure that fun is the right word for what I experience when I play this game. But it’s something. The (intentionally) sloppy controls make for a frustrating experience that is oddly rewarding. You spend a lot of your time spilling buckets of water or accidentally dropping crates of body parts everywhere. 

I’ve lost hours to this game. You can very easily get absorbed into the details and trying to make everything perfect. It’s oddly addictive. I think you have to be that kind of person though. It’s weirdly relaxing. 

Again, at £9.99 I wouldn’t be inclined to buy this game because of it’s unreliable nature. However, it’s still great fun and often included in bundles or discounted. I really enjoyed the DLC pack for this – the Christmas one. It’s a bit like…. wtf but also yeah.

Ease of play – 2/5. The controls are whack – potentially intentional?? It’s annoying and buggy.
Graphics – 2/5. The graphics are buggy and I’ve never managed to read what the in-game text on screens says! 
Social Aspect – 2/5. You end up sitting mostly in determined silence or discussing what you’re going to do next – not exactly a hugely social game. 
Story Line – 3/5. It progresses, it’s an interesting concept.
Value – 2/5. At full price definitely not worth it! 
Reliability – 1/5. This game is the reason that we have this category! Seriously! It’s terrible. It struggles with…. everything. It crashes often. Can’t handle any resolutions and is generally not great. 

Overall – LILMGS – 4/5. Yeah, I don’t know how the maths on that works out. Despite all the short comings, I’m still going to sink a lot of my time into this game!

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