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LILMGOTW – Friendship Club


Another Wednesday, another LILMGOTW! 

This week my spotlight is on Friendship Club.

I randomly received Friendship Club on Twitter ages ago. I think it was some random giveaway or something – I’m not even sure, one day I just had a DM from someone with a steam code that turned out to be Friendship Club. 


First impressions of this game weren’t great. It’s quite chaotic in its nature and doesn’t exactly ease you into it. However, it quickly clicks into place and becomes a very fun little game that doesn’t really have any learning curve at all. 

Every player has a character and a very basic light shooting gun. The aim is usually just to kill the other players and stay alive. There are many different modes to play in, ranging from only having one bullet each to having completely unlimited ammo. 

I’m not sure that Friendship Club has huge replayability but it is one of the first games that I get out for an evening of gaming with friends. It works well, and people get quite competitive about it. The style of this game works well – simple and clean. 

This game is still in Early Access and the devs are constantly updating and adding to it. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with to keep the game interesting and relevant.

Ease of play – 4/5.  – Not immediately clear but once a player has worked it out, it’s easy running there. There’s a couple of little ‘advanced’ techniques that allow you to dominate as soon as you figure them out.
Graphics – 4/5.  Quirky, cute and perfect for the game.
Social Aspect – 4/5.  People get into the game and quite competitive. 
Story Line – NA/5.  I don’t think it has one but again doesn’t need one
Value – 2/5.  – Currently £7.99 on steam – not worth IMO. Worth it in a sale.
Reliability – 5/5 – Deals with my 4k screen really well and I’ve never had crashes /random things happening. 

Overall – LILMGS – 3/5 – The value definitely lets it down. It seems overpriced for what you get.

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