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You, Me and Video Games.


Today I’ll be flying off to the Insomnia Gaming Festival. A legendary LAN party and gaming expo in the UK. I’ve been attending these events and volunteering at them for quite a while. It’s a community and event that I’m so proud to be part of. 

I’ve always identified as a gamer. My mum and my sister are gamers too. My earliest memories are of us all playing NES together. It had a dodgy power block and my older sister would make me sit there holding it in place so she could play – I don’t know why we didn’t use electrical tape on it or something! I have such amazing memories of bonding as a family as we overcome the challenges in the platform games we loved so much. My mum, at 50, still loves to game. She has a Nintendo 3DS and plays continuously. In fact, I think it’s the secret of her presumably happy marriage – she will sit and play video games while my stepfather watches his ‘car shows’. 

As I’ve grown older and become more time poor, my interest in gaming and style of gaming has definitely changed. I no longer have the patience or capacity to sit through long involved story-driven games or undergo the challenges of immersive MMORPGs. Most of the games I play these days are for the social aspect. Local multiplayer games are my favourite – especially faux competitive ones with a silly nature and pick up and play controls. 

Some people might excuse me of being a ‘dirty casual’ now. However, I know that gaming will always be in my nature – that’s what being a Gamer is. And as long as gamers are having fun, what else matters. 


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