If a person came to you say that they wanted to leave their partner – they felt abused, and couldn’t sustain the relationship any longer. They felt the partner was damaging to them, but it was really hard to leave. There was too much paperwork, too many loose ends, too much negotiation and it’s hard to bring a deal and make this work for everyone. Would you say this person should stay?

Domestic abuse is obviously no joking matter. We would unequivocally say that we, rightfully, would protect this individual – that no matter how difficult it is, leaving is the right thing to do.

Now, I do not believe that Brexit was the right choice for the UK. I do not believe that we are/were the abused partner in this situation. I do not believe that the UK should exit the European Union.

However, the fact that leaving is so messy should not be the reason. The fact that leaving is so messy should be a red flag and something that the European Union should address. Being stuck in a relationship because the concept of leaving is too difficult is not a healthy situation.

Personally, I believe the UK should be asked whether – based on all of the new information and revelations that many campaigns were full of deceit – should we stay in the union.

It being difficult to leave should not be a reason to stay.

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